Cyber Attack- RansomWare

What is Ransomware-

A bit of malicious Software which takes control of your framework and records. After taking control, it applies encryption on those records and request cash for a key that can restore the documents. The Ransomware changes your extension.

How is it Working-

Ransomware direct targets into your Operating system. Wanna Cry RansomWare have a piece of bug in the software, to take advantage of Microsoft Windows and take control of thousand of systems.

Cyber security firm Avast said it had seen 75,000 instances of the ransomware – known as Wanna Cry and variations of that name – around the globe. There are reports of infections in 99 nations, including Russia and China.

The spread of the virus Wanna Cry, which affected more than 100,000 PCs, had moderated on Sunday, however new version of the worm were normal even while the world was yet to take load of the extent of damage from Friday’s attack.


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